Roseland Park Board

President - Donald Sporleder

Member - Sally Clausen

Member - Melissa Holycross

Member - Robert Ramesh

Coming Soon!

The Felix Attard Memorial Rose Garden

The Roseland Park Board oversees 3 parks in town: 

1.  Roseland Park is a 10-acre facility with a playground and pavilion, a sledding/climbing hill, a basketball court, volleyball net, disc golf nets, baseball diamond, and plenty of field area for your choice activities!  It also features a shaded lane along the toll road exit for strolling to the preserved wildflowers and prairie grass.  It is located at the southwest corner of town on W. Cripe Street along the toll road exit drive.

2.  Roseland Veterans Park is located at the corner of Pendle Street and Independence Drive, and is a quiet spot for remembering all who have served in the military, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

3.  The LaSalle Big Blue Stem Trail is a biking/walking trail that runs north and south about one block west of State Road 933 (also known as Dixie Highway, or "Dixieway" here in town!)  It is part of a larger trail system that runs through St. Joseph County and will eventually connect with the Michigan Trail.